Archer Fish
Toxotes Chatareus

Commonly available

Size: Can grow up to 40cm in nature, usually less than half this size in aquariums.

Distribution: Coastal Tropical Asia and Coastal Northern Australia.

Housing: Archer fish need a minimum tank size of about 4ft or 250L, suitable for most community tanks with similar sized tank mates.

They are capable of jumping so an aquarium cover is advisable.

Water: Can live in pure sea water (35ppt) to pure fresh water (0ppt).

Best kept in brackish water (10ppt) with a stable tropical temperature of 24 to 28 degrees and a PH of 7 to 8.

Diet: Prefers live food taken from the surface but easily trained to eat frozen, freeze dry and dry foods.

Comments: Well known for its ability to shoot a jet of water from its upward-pointing mouth, accurately hitting insect prey up to 150cm away.


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