Natural Swimming Dams

PASES Aqua Pty Ltd can design and build, or convert your existing dam into a backyard billabong or natural swimming dam, which can be used for recreational purposes including fishing, swimming and snorkelling.

Serving Greater Sydney & Perth Regions

Immerse yourself in nature. Imagine swimming in a backyard billabong with pure freshwater with no chlorine in salt. If you like swimming in billabongs then this is for you! We can create a wildlife pool for you full of native fish, macroinvertebrates, frogs, plants and maybe a turtle!

natural swimming dams

Frequently asked questions

Simply visit our contact page and call or email the team. We can arrange an onsite consultation to best recommend how to start. Alternatively email photos, info and address to

Of course! This is our most common option. We can attend the site and start the redesign process.

Swimming dams rely more heavily on natural filtration such as plants coupled with aeration compared to the more advanced filtration on pools. Being a much larger body of water means less chance of poor water chemistry and excessive nutrient buildup.

Swimming in a well designed, well maintained natural dam is no different then swimming in a public swimming lake or river. These dams are perfect for outdoor nature lovers!

We still recommend smaller natives such as pygmy perch and glass shrimp. However species such as silver perch, marron and yabbies can be added to make it a recreational fishing lake. Herbivory of soft bodied plants in core areas could become an issue with these species, hence would need to be controlled. Otherwise predatory species would be best to maintain soft bodied plants in core areas -Rainbow Trout, Freshwater Cobbler

It is highly recommended in new systems. Existing dams already with good water quality and high oxygen levels and/or with a large portion of soft bodied plants may not require aeration. In this case we would like to resemble a natural wetland. 

Most our aeration systems require 240v power. Solar is an option but is a rather expensive setup. We always recommend 240v pumps / compressors. Energy requirements are generally low for subsurface aeration systems. 

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