Native Fish Restocking

PASES Aqua can stock your farm dams or lakes with native fish that are permitted to the state, either for recreational fishing, mosquito and midge control or to increase biodiversity

Serving Greater Sydney & Perth Regions

Native fish were once commonplace throughout waterbodies in the Perth Metropolitan area. However due to habitat destruction, degradation of water quality and introduction of feral species has resulted in a fragmented distribution.

At Pases Aqua, we can help you identify whether suitable habitat and water quality occurs in your water body, and prescribe a species mix and quantities to ensure a viable population will remain

There are a few local native species of particular interest to the Perth Metropolitan area, namely:

If you wish to stock your dam for recreational fishing, the following species can be introduced:

Frequently asked questions

Depends on water quality parameters and geographical area. Western pygmy perch are our preferred species in Perth urban lakes. They offer excellent mosquito control and co habit well with tadpoles as its mouth is too small for them.

Unfortunately due to lack of aquaculture licenses for certain species, Western minnows, Freshwater Cobbler and Night Fish aren’t available.  We can sell and supply Pygmy perch, Glass shrimp, Silver Perch, Marron, Yabbies and Barramundi. 

Trout (non native) can’t tolerate water temps over 16c so can only be kept year round further south of WA or in deep bodies of water with cold fed streams. Trout also eat other native species so aren’t recommended if your planning to keep our native fish. 

Due to strict fisheries biosecurity laws, most eastern states natives are prohibited in WA. This includes Murray Cod, Jade Perch, Gold Perch, Australian Bass and Tandanus Catfish. These fish species can displace our local native species,  and as a result are  prohibited. 

Barramundi will not tolerate water temps under 20 degrees celicius long term. Most restock in mid spring and harvest in late autumn. 

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