Aquaponics Services

PASES Aqua provides Aquaponics design consultations for residential and commercial clients, to ensure the design is viable, practical and environmentally sustainable.

Serving Greater Sydney & Perth Regions

Aquaponics integrates the disciplines of both aquaculture and hydroponics to grow fish and plants symbiotically within an artificially built system.

The advantage is you save water and reduce the need to add fertilizers or chemicals. The most common system uses a main tank to grow edible fish species. The water from this tank is pumped into a smaller tank (or grow bed) above, which contains vegetables overlaid by medium-sized clay media. An outlet on the bottom of the top tank allows percolation of the water through filter media (via gravity) to the bottom tank. In the process, waste excreted from fish provides nutrients for vegetables to grow. The fish benefit from filtered, nutrient-free clean water.

PASES Aqua can offer small-scale residential design services, commercial farm design service, pre purchase inspections and evaluations, and production forecasts.

Frequently asked questions

PASES Aqua sells silver perch, marron and yabbies year round. Trout in winter and Barramundi in summer.

We recommend silver perch, they are tough and can survive year round temperatures.

A huge range of vegetables and fruits thrive in aquaponics setups. You can also grow pond plants and even some indoor plants.

No, in fact koi and goldfish produce the most amount of waste, meaning they provide the best plant growth.

Yes we do, we have displays to visit in-store, we also offer delivery and installation. 

No, this is the biggest bonus of aquaponics. No watering, no fertilizers or soil is needed. These systems recycle water saving thousands of litres that would go to waste when watering.

Most pests can be controlled by flooding the grow beds. Driving them out. Some natural pesticides are also available.

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We have the drive, the passion, and the knowledge to help you. We employ the right people with a strong background in fish, and/or qualifications in Biology or Aquaculture and/or related fields