Aeration Evaluations & Installation

PASES Aqua supplies and installs subsurface and fountain aeration systems that activate physical, chemical and biological processes which improve water quality and the ecological character of lakes and wetlands.

Serving Greater Sydney & Perth Regions

The installation of aeration systems in lakes and wetlands can result in significant benefits to the aquatic system, including:

How to Install an Otterbine Fractional Series Fountain Aerator – a Step by Step Guide

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There are many different aeration systems on the market and PASES Aqua can evaluate which aeration systems would benefit your lake or wetland based on targeted objective, depth and extent of water body, operating costs, and its impact on the ecosystem. Please contact us to supply you a no obligation quote.

Frequently asked questions

Simply give our team a call on 94148040 or email to book in an on-site consult.

PASES Aqua services the entire Perth area and will travel to more remote locations Australia wide on request. Alternatively we can ship aerations systems Australia wide.

A member of our team will come out to site and:
– discuss any previous knowledge of lake depth contour profiles or measure depths using kayak
– discuss current power supply configurations and decide whether solar or electrical options are the most feasible
– based on above, recommend whether a lake bed / subsurface aerators, or floating fountains would suit 
– discuss voltage (single or three phase),  wattage and/or desired spray heights and diameters desired
– assess other factors such as water quality, feral fish algae species, plant species etc if client desires to

Most fountain and subsurface aeration systems can be installed in one working day.

Fish deaths, fish struggling for oxygen, algae blooms, smelly water and murky water are some of the many reasons to contact PASES Aqua today and start the process to improved water quality. 

This mainly depends on water depth, shallow water suits fountains. Deeper water suits diffusers. However they can both still work and depend on what the customer prefers.

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We have the drive, the passion, and the knowledge to help you. We employ the right people with a strong background in fish, and/or qualifications in Biology or Aquaculture and/or related fields