Blue marron crayfish is a low-maintenance native pet and demand is going ‘through the roof’ worldwide

Dr. Dulana Herath from PASES Aqua Pty Ltd had a chat with ABC news regarding the increasing demand for Electric ...

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Wildlife Keeps This Pool Clean

PASES Aqua Director, Dr. Dulana Herath (Or Dean) (Biologist PhD, BSc, Certs)'s radio interview with Curtin F...

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feral fish eradication

Feral Thoughts: The devastating toll invasive Carp have on WA’s Lakes and Wetlands

There is a consensus among the scientific community that the common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) poses the greatest e...

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Natural Swimming Pool Builders

Have you ever heard of a Backyard Billabong or a Natural Swimming Pool?

Natural swimming pools are a new and innovative concept using mother nature as the blueprint for creating stunn...

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