Wildlife Keeps This Pool Clean

PASES Aqua Director, Dr. Dulana Herath (Or Dean) (Biologist PhD, BSc, Certs)'s radio interview with Curtin FM to speak about natural pools and how it assimilates wetlands etc. Download ' Wildlife keeps this pool clean' Full Article (PDF)...

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feral fish eradication

Feral Thoughts: The devastating tol

There is a consensus among the scientific community that the common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) poses the greatest ecological threat out of all feral fish species in Australian waters. Given the nickname ‘River rabbits’, Carp have the ability to reproduc...

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Natural Swimming Pool Builders

Have you ever heard of a Backyard B

Natural swimming pools are a new and innovative concept using mother nature as the blueprint for creating stunning, eco-friendly swimming pools for your backyard. Natural swimming pools use a submerged vegetation zone which acts as a natural filtrat...

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