Flocculant Evaluations and Installation

PASES Aqua can evaluate the efficiency and risk of using various flocculants to clear your muddy or cloudy water body.

Serving Greater Sydney & Perth Regions

Muddy or cloudy waters occur as a result of negatively charged colloidal clay particles repelling each other so that they do not settle out and remain suspended in the water column. Introduction of positively charged electrolytes partially neutralizes the electrical field around the colloids and particles coagulate to form a “floc”, which settles on the lake floor. This process is termed “flocculation”.

PASES Aqua supplies the following flocculants for turbidity removal:

The use of a flocculant requires a thorough understanding of water chemistry and aquatic animal health as the above flocculants can significantly impact pH and total alkalinity. Following water quality testing, PASES Aqua can recommend a flocculant that will efficiently perform its coagulation function whilst maintaining the right water chemistry for the inhabitants within the waterbody.

Frequently asked questions

Some are some aren’t, if fish safety is a concern we will use a less harmfull flocculant.

PASES Aqua prefer to conduct an on-site consultation to determine the best approach. 

Dosing rates can be incredibly tricky, there is no perfect calculation due to every body of water having different amounts of opposing ions. Best to start low and add more if needed. If no fish are present an overdose wouldn’t be a serious issue

Our team can attend site and apply flocculant either by using pressure pump backpack sprayers or boat application. Our staff have chemical spraying certificates 

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