Algae Management & Algaecide Applications

PASES Aqua Pty Ltd can monitor and evaluate the impacts of eutrophication and algal blooms on wetlands and recommend and implement a remediation plan to restore the site to its predisturbed condition. Our staff have formal chemical spraying certificates

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“Eutrophication” occurs when there is an accumulation and overabundance of nutrients in the aquatic system, commonly due to fertilizer runoff or natural aging and accumulation of sediment. The overabundance of nutrients fuels algal blooms which may have detrimental impacts to the inhabitants within the system and become visually unpleasant to the public.

In systems with high algal biomass, subsurface algae can struggle to receive enough light to photosynthesize. When this occurs, the oxygen produced by algal photosynthesis does not offset the oxygen consumed by algal respiration leading to low dissolved oxygen levels and resulting in aquatic fauna deaths.

Certain types of blue green algae/cyanobacteria also release toxins which are poisonous at low concentrations. Other impacts of eutrophication and algal blooms include:

PASES Aqua Pty Ltd can undertake scientific water quality monitoring and algae identification (using microscope and field keys) on-site and prescribe and install the best solution/s for your eutrophication or algae issue, which can include:

Frequently asked questions

Leave it to us! Simply contact us to book an on-site consult or email photos to so we can positively identify the algae species present and provide targeted treatment options.

Most algaecides we use to combat algal blooms is completely fish safe when used correctly! However, like most treatments, it  does deplete oxygen levels which can lead to fish suffocation. Aeration is best while treating with fish.

Some algaecides cannot be used with livestock. However, Coptrol can be sprayed, dripped or applied directly onto livestock drinking water storage’s and troughs. It is approved by the Australian pesticides and veterinary medicine authority (APVMA) when used in accordance with label directions.

Some of our algaecides are approved by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) for application in potable water storage’s and water tanks (water suitable for drinking / human consumption) reg no. 31030. They can be sprayed, dripped or applied directly onto drinking water storage’s and waterways to treat blue green algae.

They are safe to be used in human drinking water storage’s and tanks. When used as accordance by the labelled directions.

Our cyanobacteria/ blue green algae treatment can be.

When it is used according to the label directions, it is safe to irrigate rice crops, general crops, hydroponic plants, turf, pastures and golf greens with irrigation water treated..

It will not harm rice, hydroponic plants, turf, pastures and golf greens


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