Wetland Revegetation

PASES Aqua can undertake revegetation projects from project planning through to site preparation, planting and ongoing maintenance.

Serving Greater Sydney & Perth Regions

Lake revegetation requirements may be described within the framework of a lake management plan. lake revegetation may sound like a simple task but needs to be professionally prescribed to account for:

Revegetation is considered a valuable and credible biodiversity offset. A great deal of practical and theoretical knowledge of wetland ecology is required to understand and accommodate the above factors. The plan should also include restoring components of composition, structure, and functional processes – reference wetlands may also be used as a benchmark. PASES Aqua takes all the above factors into account when undertaking lake revegetation, design and installation.

Frequently asked questions

PASES Aqua always uses local natives as first choice. Some common species in the Perth Metropolitan area include – Juncus pallidus, Juncus kraussii, Baumea rubiginosa and Shoenoplectus tabermontanii

PASES Aqua services the Greater Perth area and can travel anywhere in Western Australia if requested.

Our team has had great success in many different environments. Our expertise allows us to only plant species that will thrive and plant in locations best for growth. Some plant deaths are to be expected especially dependent on seasons and external factors such as livestock (cattle ,sheep etc.) and feral fish (submerged soft bodied plants)

Simply contact our business found in our contact page. We can arrange an on-site consultation to best recommend how to proceed. 

Yes, we have had great success with transplanting soft bodied species Potamogeton crispis, Potamogeton ochreatus and Nitella sp (macroalgae). We have historically used diving gear to transplant in deeper zones. We also deliver and install floating wetland panels if land based isn’t an option.

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