Pool to Pond Conversions

Convert your pool into an environmentally friendly billabong pond that will attract birds, bees, frogs, bugs and other critters. You can keep fish and you can also use aquaponics principles using edible fish and vegetables

Serving Greater Sydney & Perth Regions

A lush green pond is far more attractive than a blue chlorinated pool that you must constantly dose and maintain using high wattage pumps. Ponds are relatively easier to maintain, look stunning when filled with plants, are carbon dioxide sinks and are constantly evolving ecosystems which will keep you fascinated!

Frequently asked questions

Simply contact us via our contact page and we can organize an onsite consultation. Alternatively email some photos and details to admin@pases.com.au

Firstly we advise to turn off any chlorination device and stop adding chemicals. The chlorine will quickly leave the water. If it is a salt water pond water will need to be emptied and refilled until salt levels are safe for fish and plants. After that we can recommend plant zones and filtration changes.

It can, however its best to change to pond pumps to reduce power, pool filtration media  will also need to be modified. We recommend leaving the existing filtration incase of reverting back to a pool and adding pond filtration instead. We often use existing plumbing and skimmers.

Only if adding a vegetation zone. We do recommend doing so although this can usually be achieved without damaging the existing shape.

Yes the pool will go green almost instantly after removing chlorine, we recommend a uv steriliser to combat this which works very efficiently. With time, the green pea soup will dissapear. There are also multiple products you can use to control blanketweed should you get an outbreak  and UV sterilisers may be an option. 

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