We have made it to the NEWS again in “The Northern River Times”in Northern NSW

Australian farmers are undergoing a remarkable transformation of their dams into stunning recreational billabongs, thanks to the expertise of PASES Aqua, an innovative company specialising in natural swimming pools, lake management, and pool-to-pond conversions.

Dr. Dulana Herath, the visionary founder of PASES Aqua, champions this initiative as a prime example of repurposing agricultural infrastructure to benefit biodiversity, the environment, and local communities. These natural swimming dams offer a plethora of recreational opportunities, from swimming and kayaking to fishing, enhancing the overall appeal of rural landscapes.


About the Author

Picture of Dr. Dulana Herath (or Dean)<br/><small>Managing Director / Biologist Phd, Bsc, Certs</small>

Dr. Dulana Herath (or Dean)
Managing Director / Biologist Phd, Bsc, Certs

Dr. Herath runs the overall business and is mainly involved in larger projects, consulting, training and mentoring staff. He has a PhD in Biology and has a track record of academic publications at Curtin University of Technology, but soon discovered that running a business related to his field was his true passion. Dulana has diverse knowledge in a range of biological disciplines, and is extremely passionate about creating and restoring aquatic ecosystems, designing natural pools and ponds, and promoting native fish-keeping which he has specialised in his pond shop in Cockburn Central.

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