Pond Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Our technicians design, install, clean, maintain and repair your pond and water features in Perth and Sydney. We have experience in aquaculture, marine biology and/or related fields.

Serving Greater Sydney & Perth Regions


We undertake year-round pond maintenance and pond cleaning of (above) Ponds, which includes:

Pond Design, Install, Repair, Maintain and Clean (for building companies, commercial and residential):

With access to a wide range of filters, pumps, aerators, lighting and other pond supplies, we have the products to suit your pond needs. Staff can install new products or service your existing setup. 

Offering leak diagnosis and pond repair options, including fibreglassing and lining. 

Staff use the best pond vacuum cleaners, submersible dirty water pumps, high pressure cleaners, gravel cleaners and other up-to-date cleaning tools necessary for the successful cleaning and maintenance of ponds and aquariums in the fastest and most efficient manner.

We are on call for emergencies and management. We refer to our preferred fish veterinarian, when required. 


Design, Install, Maintain, Clean. We work on consulting, designing and installing (for building companies, commercial, residential)

Frequently asked questions

Simply call us on 0401 629 895 or 08 9414 8040. Alternatively email us on admin@pases.com.au

Make sure to provide your location, pond size and pictures preferred.

PASES Aqua service Perth and Sydney metro and surrounding areas. The team will travel anywhere in Australia if needed. .

No. We can service them all, large ponds usually fall under an hourly rate.

Our staff carry industrial grade vacuums, pressure cleaners and pumps for pond cleaning. We also stock a range of replacement pumps, parts, filters and water treatments that can be purchased from van directly on the day.

Yes, we can also offer discounted prices for locked in recurring maintenance dependent on time between cleans.

Live fish and plants incur a delivery fee due to staff needing to travel to our shop before the visit. This can’t always be done. Most other “shelved” products can be purchased on the day.

The pond water can be kept clean by adding a pump moving water into a filtration system (mechanical and biological), adding algaecides or flocculants, scooping the sludge on the pond floor. Alternatively, you can contact a pond contractor to carry out a pond clean and they will recommend a filtration system as well as undertake a pond clean.

Depends on the size of the pond and how dirty the water is. Regular pond servicing only usually only takes 2-3hours on average. A comprehensive pond cleanout averages approximately half a day to a full day depending on size and how dirty the water is.

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We have the drive, the passion, and the knowledge to help you. We employ the right people with a strong background in fish, and/or qualifications in Biology or Aquaculture and/or related fields