PASES Aqua provides Aquaculture design consultations for residential and commercial clients, to ensure the design is viable, practical and environmentally sustainable.


Aquaculture refers to the cultivation and aquatic animals and plants in all types of water environments. PASES Aqua has staff with extensive experience and qualifications in aquaculture that can offer the following consulting services:

  • Small Scale Residential Designs – advice on private recirculating aquaculture system design, installation and general maintenance requirements for targeted fish species
  • Farm Design – design a farm that is commercially and financially viable including business plans and reports
  • Pre-purchase Assessment of Farm Blocks – preliminary advice and suitability of the block for intended fish species production or evaluation of any existing production facilities present on site
  • Aquaculture Production Forecast – business plans and production projections based on existing resources/new facilities and techniques to be integrated.


Some of the work we have done

For the best advice available, please contact our Aquaculture specialists to discuss your project requirements.