Aquaculture Services

PASES Aqua provides Aquaculture design consultations for residential and commercial clients, to ensure the design is viable, practical and environmentally sustainable.

Serving Greater Sydney & Perth Regions

Aquaculture refers to the cultivation and aquatic animals in all types of water environments. PASES Aqua has staff with extensive experience and qualifications in aquaculture that can offer the following consulting services:

Frequently asked questions

The best species are the easiest to care for, the fastest breeding and the most valuable. Coldwater and freshwater are the easiest and cheapest for example silver perch, yabbies and marron. Warm water species such as barramundi need warmer locations or high energy use to heat tanks.

You do if you are going to be selling any of the species. Some species are easier than others to obtain licenses for.

Yes, we sell silver perch, barramundi, trout, marron and yabbies all suitable for aquaculture.

We can supply smaller scale ponds. Our team also has plenty of experience with plumbing up  customer supplied aquaculture systems.

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We have the drive, the passion, and the knowledge to help you. We employ the right people with a strong background in fish, and/or qualifications in Biology or Aquaculture and/or related fields