Natural Swimming Pools

PASES Aqua specializes in 3D designs, conversions and construction management of freshwater natural swimming pools.

Serving Greater Sydney & Perth Regions

Natural Swimming Pools” or “Swimming Ponds” is a relatively recent concept that originated in Europe, which uses freshwater without any chlorine or other chemical additives traditionally used in swimming pools. A submerged vegetation zone is included to filter the nutrients in the water just like natural lakes and the appearance of the natural pool is absolutely stunning.

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Frequently asked questions

In early stages they can. Once the plants and nitrogen cycle becomes established they require little maintenance and cleaning. Much less compared to conventional swimming pools.

No. Algal outbreaks can occur in early stages which can be treated by natural alternatives. Algae is also seasonal and certain seasons may require different treatments. Generally once the ecosystem is established algae levels reduce and treatments are rarely needed.

Simply contact PASES Aqua via our contact us page or email
We can then arrange an onsite consultation and provide some design options and quote. Alternatively we can supply a questionnaire to give you a ballpark figure on the build! 

Yes. We recommend smaller native species that produce very little waste. For example native pygmy perch and native glass shrimp. Koi and goldfish are not recommended.

To provide optimum water quality and less maintenance, then yes. PASES Aqua uses both plant, mechanical and biological  filtration to achieve the best results. Our filters are a lot more advanced than european and american systems to account for the warmer climate to combat the algae. 

Yes. Natural pools are becoming more increasingly popular worldwide and have proven to be safe when designed, built and maintained correctly. We do have sterilisation systems that prevent 99% of pathogens and harmful bacteria to survive. 

Natural swimming pools are slightly more expensive to build compared to conventional pool due to the extra landscaping required (concreting, block-laying, fibreglassing, vegetation zones, artificial zones). However, we find these costs can quickly be saved back in reduced ongoing maintenance and electricity expenses. 

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