Perthnow: World’s longest goldfish caught in Joondalup’s Blue Lake by aquatic biologist Dr Dulana Herath

In a groundbreaking discovery at Perth’s Blue Lake, aquatic biologist Dr. Dulana Herath from Pases Aqua reeled in the world’s longest goldfish, measuring an impressive 52cm, surpassing the previous record by 4.6cm. This enormous specimen, caught as part of wetland restoration efforts, highlights the ecological challenges posed by goldfish in urban lakes. Dr. Herath’s secretive work to remove predator species from Perth’s waterways aims to address issues such as disruption of plant life, algal blooms, and disease transmission. For more details on this extraordinary find, explore the original article on Perthnow.


About the Author

Dr. Dulana Herath (or Dean)<br/><small>Managing Director / Biologist Phd, Bsc, Certs</small>

Dr. Dulana Herath (or Dean)
Managing Director / Biologist Phd, Bsc, Certs

Dr. Herath runs the overall business and is mainly involved in larger projects, consulting, training and mentoring staff. He has a PhD in Biology and has a track record of academic publications at Curtin University of Technology, but soon discovered that running a business related to his field was his true passion. Dulana has diverse knowledge in a range of biological disciplines, and is extremely passionate about creating and restoring aquatic ecosystems, designing natural pools and ponds, and promoting native fish-keeping which he has specialised in his pond shop in Cockburn Central.

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