Mono Argentus

Monodactylus argenteus

Size: 25cm

Distribution: Mono argents have a wide distribution range and can be found in multiple countries. Red Sea, parts of Australia, Eastern Africa and throughout Southeast Asia.

Housing: Aquariums 200ltr & over are recommended. they are a schooling fish so keeping them in a group is ideal.

Water: Brackish water is recommended but they can be kept in fresh or salt water. likes hardwater with a PH over 7 at the minimum.

Diet: Omnivores, will eat most dry, live & frozen foods

Comments: Mono Argentus can be aggressive so be mindful not to overstock with too many aggressive fish types. They eat plants so it is not recommended to scape your tank with plants if you are considering this fish. Grate for algae control (hair & string). Do well in African cichlid tanks so long as it’s not overstocked.



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