Silver Perch

Bidyanus bidyanus

Commonly available

Size: Can grow up to 60cm, commonly smaller (30cm)

Distribution: Native to the Murray Darling River system.

Housing: Silver Perch need a minimum tank, pond or lake size of about 1000ltr or larger, it is not recommended for community tanks or ponds and is best kept with other Silver Perch or on its own. Silver Perch are “skittish” by nature and like to have cover readily available such as plants & rock cover.

Water: Silver perch are a fresh water temperate fish, best kept in temperatures from 10 to 26 degrees with a fairly neutral PH of 7 to 8 , preferer low to zero salinity concentrations & should not exceed (10ppt).

Diet: Omnivorous. can be fed most types of fish food, If culturing for the purpose of food consumption a high protein commercial aquaculture feed is recommended.

Comments:Silver perch are a excellent choice for large dams and lakes and are best kept by themselves or can be kept with Marron & Yabbies.


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