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Blue marron crayfish is a low-maintenance native pet and demand is going ‘through the roof’ worldwide

Dr. Dulana Herath from PASES Aqua Pty Ltd had a chat with ABC news regarding the increasing demand for Electric Blue Marron to keep as pets.

They won’t fetch the newspaper or cuddle you on the couch at the end of a long day, but pet owners are shelling out record dollars for ornamental blue marron during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The freshwater crayfish species can range in colour from jet-black to brown, striped and red, but it is cobalt blue marron that is becoming increasingly popular as showpieces in aquariums across Australia and the world.

Peter McGinty is a marron producer based in Manjimup in West Australia’s south-west, about three hours south of Perth.

He said he has received an unprecedented number of inquiries for the eye-catching, electric-blue crustacean since the start of the global health crisis.

“They look absolutely amazing in an aquarium,” Mr McGinty said.

“The demand is exceptional from all around the world and has gone through the roof.

Marron producer Peter McGinty in front of his dam in Manjimup, October 2020.
Peter McGinty says he has received more inquiries than ever for blue marron during COVID-19.(ABC Rural: Jessica Hayes) 


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