ABC News WA: Managing director PASES Aqua Dr Dulana Herath on a monster goldfish found in a suburban lake that could break a world record

In a fascinating revelation, ABC News recently covered the astounding discovery of a colossal goldfish in a suburban lake. The unprecedented find has sent shockwaves through the aquatic community, as experts believe this massive goldfish could potentially break a world record.

PASES Aqua’s Managing Director, Dr. Dulana Herath, sheds light on this extraordinary phenomenon in an exclusive interview. The intriguing details surrounding the monster goldfish have captivated the attention of both researchers and the public alike.

listen to the interview here


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Picture of Dr. Dulana Herath (or Dean)<br/><small>Managing Director / Biologist Phd, Bsc, Certs</small>

Dr. Dulana Herath (or Dean)
Managing Director / Biologist Phd, Bsc, Certs

Dr. Herath runs the overall business and is mainly involved in larger projects, consulting, training and mentoring staff. He has a PhD in Biology and has a track record of academic publications at Curtin University of Technology, but soon discovered that running a business related to his field was his true passion. Dulana has diverse knowledge in a range of biological disciplines, and is extremely passionate about creating and restoring aquatic ecosystems, designing natural pools and ponds, and promoting native fish-keeping which he has specialised in his pond shop in Cockburn Central.

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