Pacific Blue Eyes
Pseudomugil signifer

PASES Aqua supplies pacific blue eyes available most of the year.

A common Australian native found in groups as large as tens of thousands in the wild. A unique species being able to live in both fresh and salt water, warmwater and Coldwater. Found from Cape York Queensland down the coast to southern NSW. Subspecies can be found in other unique areas.

Diet: Insects in the wild, adapts to most prepared foods in captivity.

PH: Keep above 7. 7-8 fine.

Size: 4cm

Temperature: Can tolerate cold temperatures but seem to struggle in Perth winters outside. Enjoys 22-26c.

Housing Requirements:  Does well in most sized aquariums, enjoys a planted aquarium, best kept in groups. Can be kept in full saltwater.

Compatibility: Peaceful, suited to community aquariums with similar sized fish.


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