Have you ever heard of a Backyard Billabong or a Natural Swimming Pool?

Natural swimming pools are a new and innovative concept using mother nature as the blueprint for creating stunning, eco-friendly swimming pools for your backyard. Natural swimming pools use a submerged vegetation zone which acts as a natural filtration system, purifying and stripping the
water of excess nutrients just like natural wetlands and rivers. Combining the best of nature and technology these advanced filtration systems remove harmful bacteria and pathogens and maintains clear water so there is no need to use chlorine, salts or other chemical additives that are traditionally
used in backyard swimming pools.

The benefits of natural pools:

It’s Eco-Friendly! Here at PASES Aqua we are passionate about nature and the environment. When designed correctly natural swimming pools provide shelter and sanctuary for small populations of non-harmful native wildlife such as butterflies, dragonflies, birds and frogs – Tadpoles (baby frogs) and Western Pygmy Perch can be a great addition to natural swimming pools due to their algae eating habits. It is the old saying “Build it well and they will come”.

  • Health Benefits: The sound of water whether it be rain drops, the crashing of waves in the ocean, or a trickling stream has a soothing, zen like effect on the mind and body and can positively impact ones mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. Similarly, a natural swimming pool can provide you and your family with a place of sanctuary and relaxation to escape from the rest of the world and recharge, promoting calmness, focus and creativity.
  • Visual and auditory aesthetic: WOW FACTOR! This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of natural swimming pools; they are a focal point of your backyard bringing an eye-catching
    slice of natural paradise to your home. Natural swimming pools offer a beautiful, serene place to swim, relax or host guests and the addition of water features will help to mask the sounds of street traffic or loud neighbours giving your home a greater sense of privacy.
  • Water conservation: One of the biggest environmental benefits of natural swimming pools
    is water conservation. In Perth, more than 40% of the residential water demand is used outside of our home in the garden. Plus, if you experience a lower-than-normal season of rainfall, you can always position drainpipes from your rooftop to empty directly into your pond, to create a natural reservoir. All this water conservation can be an effective way to reduce utility costs.
  • Financial benefits: When designed and executed correctly natural swimming pools are cheaper to maintain than traditional swimming pools. This is because there is no need to buy chlorine, salts or expensive water conditioners to maintain crystal clear water. Low energy pond pumps are used instead of standard pool pumps which are often expensive and require higher energy demands. Another added benefit of natural swimming pools is that it can help reduce the air temperature around your home, through evaporative cooling and acting as a natural outdoor air conditioner so you can enjoy being outdoors instead of being trapped inside with AC on.
  • Education and interaction : A natural swimming pool is not just a pool it can be a functioning ecosystem too! Watch as your pets or native wildlife grow, interact and breed. The whole family can get involved recording and photographing different wildlife and learn about ecosystems and nature. Getting kids involved and thinking about nature at a young age introduces your children to different learning experiences and is important in fostering environmental awareness among the next generation. Plant an appreciation for nature in them and watch it grow as they can begin to gain an understanding of nature and the importance of natural ecosystems.

About the Author

Picture of Dr. Dulana Herath (or Dean)<br/><small>Managing Director / Biologist Phd, Bsc, Certs</small>

Dr. Dulana Herath (or Dean)
Managing Director / Biologist Phd, Bsc, Certs

Dr. Herath runs the overall business and is mainly involved in larger projects, consulting, training and mentoring staff. He has a PhD in Biology and has a track record of academic publications at Curtin University of Technology, but soon discovered that running a business related to his field was his true passion. Dulana has diverse knowledge in a range of biological disciplines, and is extremely passionate about creating and restoring aquatic ecosystems, designing natural pools and ponds, and promoting native fish-keeping which he has specialised in his pond shop in Cockburn Central.

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