PASES Aqua specializes in 3D designs, conversions and construction management of freshwater natural swimming pools.


“Natural Swimming Pools” or “Swimming Ponds” is a relatively recent concept that originated in Europe, which uses freshwater without any chlorine or other chemical additives traditionally used in swimming pools. A submerged vegetation zone is included to filter the nutrients in water just like natural lakes and the appearance of the natural pool is absolutely stunning.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Stunning appearance and experience assimilating a natural lake or rainforest in your backyard
  • It’s salt and chlorine-free hence prevents irritation to skin and eyes
  • Eco-friendly, bringing you closer to nature – Frogs, ducks and low numbers of fish can inhabit your pond if you want them
  • Cheaper in maintenance than traditional swimming pools if designed and executed properly
  • No harmful pathogens or bacteria with our filtration technology

Why Choose PASES To Design Your Natural Swimming Pool?

  • To get the best results, you would need an expert that has a background in biology, pond systems, pool systems, aquatic macroinvertebrates, sterilization, and wetland function – Dr. Dulana Herath; the founder of PASES Aqua, is one of the very few experts with a strong background in all of the above
  • We have attended relevant workshops and conferences around the world evaluating Natural Swimming Pool designs, filtration, and advances in technology
  • Our designs are meticulously addressed and ensure crystal clear water with our filtration methods
  • Our costs are affordable


Some of the work we have done

For the best advice available, please contact our Natural Pool specialists to discuss your project requirements.