PASES Aqua can undertake wetland revegetation projects from project planning through to site preparation, planting and ongoing maintenance.



Wetland revegetation requirements may be described within the framework of a wetland management plan. Wetland revegetation may sound like a simple task but needs to be professionally prescribed to account for:

  • Geographical location (i.e. species, provenance)
  • Advantageous micro climates within site (i.e. planting diagrams may be required that consider sun, water flow, weed densities, water depth and distance from shorelines/ zoning etc)
  • Water quality requirements (i.e. salinity, groundwater, tannins, nutrients)
  • Climate and season to install (e.g. storms, flooding, drought etc)
  • Impact on existing vegetation (e.g. competition, replacement etc)
  • Frog species diversity
  • Water bird species diversity
  • Native fish and macro invertebrate diversity
  • Declared Rare or Priority Species habitat
  • Ecological linkages/ habitat corridors for fauna migration

Revegetation is considered a valuable and credible biodiversity offset. A great deal of practical and theoretical knowledge of wetland ecology is required to understand and accommodate the above factors. The plan should also include restoring components of composition, structure, and functional processes - reference wetlands may also be used as a benchmark. PASES Aqua takes all the above factors into account when undertaking wetland revegetation, design and installation.

Some Of The Work We Have Done

For the best advice available, please contact our Wetland specialists to discuss your project requirements.