The OASE PondoVac 5 ,a multi-function pond & pool vacuum with integrated feed pump, has a suction capacity of up to 8000l/ hr**. Ideal for pond and pool maintenance, it vacuums without interruption and can remove algae and sludge easily.  

With a maximum suction depth of 2.5m and with its high-performance motor of 1700w, the PondoVac 5 provides you full-power cleaning and can be used to clean garden ponds, pools and swim ponds as well as wet vacuum in the household. Dirty water can be drained out over different heights and the big wheel chassis attached to the vacuum allows stable movement and ease of transportation anywhere. 

The PondoVac set includes: 

  • Wide, Universal Nozzle 
  • Special String Algae Nozzle  
  • Area Nozzle 
  • Brush Nozzle 
  • Debris Collection Bag 
  • 5m Long Suction Hose  
  • 2.5m Long Discharge Hose 

Suitable for usage for water bodies both indoors and outdoors. 


It’s important to give your pond the care it needs at this time of year. The PondoVac 5 makes cleaning your pond easy. Leaves and branches can pollute your pond water and the pond floor also needs a good clean. With a suction capacity of 8000 litres per hour and separate suction and pump capabilities, you can keep vacuuming without interruption.


Special Order Only however we can generally get this same day.



Weight 27.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 110 cm


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