These are 1/2 horsepower fountains. Great value units include x 4 different fountain options all included. Much cheaper option for smaller size ponds/lakes/dams.

Features :The Fractional Series Aerating Fountain and Mixer all-in-one system allow you to easily convert between any of the five configurations that come standard in just minutes. This light weight, versatile, turn-key unit can easily be handled by one person and moves an impressive 500GPM (115m3/hr) when set up as the Gemini. Supported by an all-inclusive 3-year warranty, check out these other great features offered:

Energy Efficient :Smaller horsepower systems consume less energy offering significant cost savings.

Provides Natural & Effective Water Quality Solutions :Introduces oxygen into the water column for the most natural solution to water quality management, effectively controlling algae, aquatic weeds, and foul odors while creating impressive displays.

Shallow Operating Depth :Operates in as little as 16in or 41cm.

Proven Performance :Otterbine is the only manufacturer to have oxygen transfer and pumping rates independently tested and published on their aeration systems.

Complete Package :Includes assembled unit (ships as Gemini), components for all 5 systems, debris screen, and mini power control panel (some 50Hz systems do not receive power control center) with timer and gfci. Units come with a standard float or a fixed fountain stand.

Safety Listed & Protected :Package electrically safety tested and listed with ETL, ETL-C conforming to UL standards. Products for European Union are also safety tested, approved and carry a 3rd party independent CE mark.

Product Specifications

50Hz Gemini High Volume Phoenix Rocket Mixer
Spray Height (m) 1.2 1 Upper: 2.8

Lower: 1.0

3 n/a
Spray Diameter (m) 1.8 1.4 Upper: 30cm

Lower: 3

40cm n/a
m3/hr 115 99 44 41 n/a*
Oxygen Transfer (kg/HP/hr) 1 .91 .36 .36 n/a
Voltage/Phase/Amp 2750rpm@50Hz 230/1/2.8 230/1/2.8 230/1/2.6 230/1/2.6

Fractional Aerator, Fractional Aerator including White Lights, Fractional Aerator including Multi Lights