The Carnival aerating fountain can be easily changed to a Diana, Northstar, Solace or Nova fountain using the centrifugal changeover kit. This unique feature is exclusive to Airolator products and allows you to change from decorative fountains to aerating fountains without the need to replace the motor, float or cable.

The installation of aeration systems in lakes and wetlands can result in significant benefits to the aquatic system. Including:

  • Increase in dissolved oxygen concentrations essential for aquatic animal respiration
  • Accelerate (bacterial) breakdown of organic materials as beneficial bacteria perform at optimal level at higher dissolved oxygen concentration
  • Reduces stratification
  • Reduces fish kills and increases fish and macro invertebrate habitat
  • Reduces algae and eutrophication issues
  • Increase water quality and clarity
  • Reduce mosquito and midge populations
  • Reduce high metal concentrations
  • Reduce accumulation of sediments
  • Reduce build-up of poisonous gases and release of noxious odours (generated by anaerobic bacteria)


  • Available in 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5hp motor sizes
  • Available in single or three phase
  • 40m cable supplied standard
  • High speed foul resistant propeller
  • Styrene foam filled, polyethylene float will not sink even if punctured
  • Rugged, stainless steel Franklin Electric submersible motor, water cooled, water lubricated
  • Solar compatible.