The installation of aeration systems in lakes and wetlands can result in significant benefits to the aquatic system. Including:

  • Increase in dissolved oxygen concentrations essential for aquatic animal respiration
  • Accelerate (bacterial) breakdown of organic materials as beneficial bacteria perform at optimal level at higher dissolved oxygen concentration
  • Reduces stratification
  • Reduces fish kills and increases fish and macro invertebrate habitat
  • Reduces algae and eutrophication issues
  • Increase water quality and clarity
  • Reduce mosquito and midge populations
  • Reduce high metal concentrations
  • Reduce accumulation of sediments
  • Reduce build-up of poisonous gases and release of noxious odours (generated by anaerobic bacteria)



1 HP – Spray Height: 2m x Spray Diam. 4m – Pumping Rate: 119.7m3/hr –

2HP – Spray Height: 2.6m x Spray Diam. 4.7m – Pumping Rate: 143.5m3/hr –

3HP – Spray Height: 3.5m x Spray Diam. 6.9m – Pumping Rate: 172.6m3/hr –

5HP – Spray Height: 4.4m x Spray Diam. 9.5m – Pumping Rate: 242.7m3/hr –