Assists in the treatment of whitespot and velvet disease in freshwater aquaria.

  • Treatment of whitespot ( Ichthyophirius Multifillis) disease.
  • Treat at the rate of 5mL per 40 liters on first day and on days 2 & 3 at 1/2 of the initial rate (2.5mL/40L).
  • To maximize result, 1/2 the daily dosage, adding it to the tank twice (morning and night).
  • Ichonex assists in the treatment of whitespot (Ichthyophirius multifillis) disease, without the toxic effects of conventional treatments and without staining.
  • Ichonex (a copper based product) has a proven track record for effective control of whitespot infections in fish. The copper component is more toxic at low pH, so keep pH above 7.5.
  • Observe copper levels using Aquasonics Copper Test Kit.
  • Raising the temperature by 2-3 degree Celsius will also assist with shortening the life cycle of the parasite thereby targeting the affected stage of ich life cycle, more effectively.
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