PASES Aqua supplies and installs lake bed and surface aeration systems that activate physical, chemical and biological processes which improve water quality and the ecological character of lakes and wetlands.

Aeration Evaluations & Installation


The installation of aeration systems in lakes and wetlands can result in significant benefits to the aquatic system. Including:

  • Increase in dissolved oxygen concentrations essential for aquatic animal respiration
  • Accelerate (bacterial) breakdown of organic materials as beneficial bacteria perform at optimal level at higher dissolved oxygen concentration
  • Reduces stratification
  • Reduces fish kills and increases fish and macro invertebrate habitat
  • Reduces algae and eutrophication issues
  • Increase water quality and clarity
  • Reduce mosquito and midge populations
  • Reduce high metal concentrations
  • Reduce accumulation of sediments
  • Reduce build-up of poisonous gases and release of noxious odours (generated by anaerobic bacteria)

There are many different aeration systems on the market and PASES Aqua can evaluate which aeration systems would benefit your lake or wetland based on targeted objective, depth and extent of water body, operating costs, and its impact on the ecosystem. Please contact us to supply you a no obligation quote.

Some of the work we have done

For the best advice available, please contact our Wetland specialists to discuss your project requirements.