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Cameron Sells

Cameron is a passionate aquarist with over ten years experience keeping planted aquariums. He is mainly involved with aquarium related projects and helps in other areas when in need 

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Blake Shepherd (Dip. Aquaculture & Maritime studies)

A passionate fisherman and a skilled tradesman, Blake runs most pond and aquarium maintenance work, including installations and repair projects.  He also helps train staff in ornamental trade based work.

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Wilian Oya (Dip. Aquaculture, MBA)

With a keen interest in food fish, Willian mainly assists in Aquaculture and Aquaponics consultations, business plans, designs, installation and maintenance. He also assists in pond and aquarium related work when required.

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Paul Van Heurck (Zoologist/Botanist BSc, PhD – pending)

Mr. Van Heurck is an experienced scientist teaming up with his former university student Dulana Herath. He has excellent knowledge in wetland management specializing in macro/micro invertebrate surveys and revegetation. Mr. Van Heurck has over 20 years experience with Department of Parks and Wildlife where he also supervised Dulana.

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Dr. Dulana Herath (Or Dean) (Biologist PhD, BSc, Certs)

Dr. Herath runs the overall business and is mainly involved in larger projects, consulting, training and mentoring staff. Dulana has diverse knowledge in a range of biological disciplines, and is extremely passionate about creating and restoring aquatic ecosystems.

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