PASES Aqua offer electrofishing services for fish rescue/removal, relocation or surveying native fish in large ponds, lakes, wetlands and streams.



Feral fish such as goldfish, koi or carp may be removed from waterbodies whereby native fish exist, and whereby algal blooms and poor water quality is present as a direct result of these invasive fish.


We have the newest technology in electrofishing with the Apex boat electro fisher system supplied by Smith Root. Electrofishing momentarily stuns the fish to swim towards the anode electrode whereby the catcher scoops them out. Fish remain unharmed, and within seconds are able to swim freely if not caught.

Fish rescue/removal may be required as part of environmental impact assessment projects as a result of low flow issues or any construction project involving:


  • Reservoir maintenance or decommissioning
  • Bridge and culvert repairs
  • Dredging
  • De-watering
  • Lock repairs

Contact PASES Aqua Pty Ltd to find out the best rescue/removal options for your waterbody.

Some of the work we have done

For the best advice available, please contact our Aquaculture specialists to discuss your project requirements.