PASES Aqua Pty Ltd is a diverse business specializing in a wide range of aquatic services in natural and artificial ecosystems, including wetlands, lakes, natural pools, ponds, aquariums, aquaculture & aquaponics systems.


Dr. Dulana Herath, a passionate biologist with diverse ecological knowledge and a lifelong interest in water, ornamental/ native fish and aquatic ecosystems, founded the company in 2013. The company was initially named PASES Pty Ltd, and in 2017 split into two sister businesses PASES Aqua and PASES Eco.


We now have the largest aquatic based service team in WA with over 5 key staff and several subcontractors. Our business caters a diverse range of clients from homeowners to commercial, industrial and government customers. PASES Aqua also sells lakebed & surface aeration systems, aquatic vegetation for (native) revegetation, pond based products, and native fish.



Our Vision

To be the company that best understands and improves the quality of aquatic systems; whether it be a wetland, lake, natural pool, pond or aquarium.

Our Mission

Along with our knowledge, credentials and passion, PASES Aqua is dedicated to its ongoing commitment to deliver the best possible aquatic service to the community, commercial, industrial and government customers.

Our Values

We believe in:
• providing unequaled service excellence;
• having the right attitude and commitment to our customers;
• working with industry associates to learn and grow; and
• making PASES Aqua a great place to work for our employees.

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